Watch – Mañana Mix

I’m amped to announce the upcoming release of *Watch* – my 7th song. I have decided to preview it here on my website first but I am currently working on a second mix and scheduling release for July 02 2022. I wrote this song on a beach in Oaxaca, Mexico and it’s all about not sweating the small stuff in life and not waiting until tomorrow to do the things you always have wanted to!

I hope you like it. Please feel free to let me know what you think about it via my social media channels. Thanks for your continued support.

Watch – Séa Byrne
Watch © Séa Byrne 2022

Available on Music Platforms

Watch can be downloaded or streamed on the usual platforms from July 02 2022

“Make sure you live before you die!”

Watch – Séa Byrne, 2022

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