I’m overjoyed to announce the official launch of Escape – my 8th song, and 12th release, today Thursday, Dec 01 2022. *Escape* is a soulful ballad dipped in an eclectic space of airy keys, funky guitars and reggaeton beats. The songwriting departs from indie pop towards a looser, larger, and more relaxed sound, endeavouring to honour my R&B /Soul influences. This echos the song’s theme about fleeing the rat-race to focus on our true passions in life – just like my own progress as an artist. A global collaboration – produced by IFO Productions, Cartagena, Colombia & mixed/mastered by Thomas Juth, Umeå, Sweden. I hope you enjoy listening to it as much as I loved making it!

Escape – Séa Byrne

Available on Music Platforms

Escape is available for streaming and download from the usual online music platforms.

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“I’ve got to find a deeper meaning – I need to get outside!”

Escape – Séa Byrne, 2022

ORIGINAL PREVIEW POST for ESCAPE first featured on JUN 09 2022, on this website.

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