Dancin’ – Release Preview

Hey there! I’m previewing my new song Dancin’ today, exclusively on my website, before it’s official release on March 03 2023. The song is a celebration of the new generation and how they righteously and readily stand up for causes of equity, equality and human rights. Many of us have been through, or are going through, struggles of transformation which can be very challenging.

My song Dancin’ encourages our courageous young activists, thought leaders and trailblazers to take a moment to reflect and cherish the work they have already accomplished towards positive change in ourselves and in wider society — and to just dance, with our loved ones, on the beach! 🙂

I hope you like it. Please feel free to let me know what you think about it via my social media channels. Thanks for your continued support.

Dancin’ – Séa Byrne 2023
Dancin’ – Séa Byrne ©2023

Available on Music Platforms

Dancin’ is exclusively available only on this website. It will be released to the music platforms March 03 2023.

“Transform! You took a chance and now you are reborn!”

Dancin’ – Séa Byrne, 2023

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