New Single: Believe in Yourself

Let’s groove! My 3rd single Believe in Yourself was released on October 13 2020. This song is about overcoming obstacles by believing in your own abilities to accomplish your goals. I wrote this as a mantra for myself to get me through times of self doubt and under confidence. This is especially relevant to my own evolution as a music artist and presenting my songs to the world. I sing this every time I perform so I hope it can help others too. 

It was recorded and produced in Dublin, Ireland and Cartagena, Colombia in July 2020. The music is produced in a fresh Latin / Caribbean style with steel drums, funky guitars and upbeat percussion. It also features some inspirational spoken word in the bridge. This is the 3rd song from my upcoming EP “Tropical” a hybrid of Irish soul and Latin dance.

Sea Byrne sitting outside Irish ruin that looks church like
Believe in Yourself © Séa Byrne 2020

Available on Music Platforms

You can download or stream Believe in Yourself from the usual platforms.

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“You know you can achieve it, so act like you believe it!”

Believe in Yourself – Séa Byrne, 2020

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