New Single: Blue Skies

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! As I’m Irish, there could not be a better date to release my 4rd single Blue Skies than today, Wednesday 17 March 2021 (Maybe I should have named the song Green Skies). This song is a new departure for me as I tackle the issue about the negative environmental impact we are causing to our planet. It’s time to act!

We recorded vocals at our studio in Dublin, Ireland and recorded the music and production in Cartagena, Colombia during the Autumn of 2020. The musical style is downtempo tropical ballad with a lyrical vocal interpretation. This is the 1st song from my 2nd EP, with a working title of “Evergreen” a hybrid of neosoul, latin rhythm and indie – a musical mix I am sure you will enjoy!

A shot looking across Lough Derg with sky and water. Mostly blue skies with some clouds reflected upon the surface of the lake. "Blue Skies" and "Séa Byrne" text overlaid above the photograph.
Blue Skies © Séa Byrne 2021

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“Deforestation from the world domination. Criminalisation or just infestation?”

Blue Skies – Séa Byrne, 2021

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