Blue Skies – Pacifico ’22 Mix

I am buzzing to announce my 9th song – a new version of Blue Skies which released 02:02 02.02.2022. This fresh *Pacifico ’22 Mix* features a top-line zhuzh and a remastering pizazz-over by Charles Connolly in London. This version’s elevated vocals & instrumentation, originally recorded at my Dublin Studio and at IFO Productions in Cartagena, Colombia, amplify the song’s critical message about coping in a climate & biodiversity crisis. 1 year on, this protest song, wrapped in an upbeat calypso / indie-pop capsule, will help to reenforce our collective will to tackle this real-and-present danger we all face. If we change our behaviours today – Blues Skies *WILL* come again!

Blue Skies ’22 was originally previewed on this website at 07.01.2022. I hope you enjoy the song. Thanks for your continued support!

Blue Skies ’22 – Séa Byrne
Blue Skies ’22 © Séa Byrne 2022

Available on Music Platforms

Blue Skies ’22 can be downloaded or streamed on the usual platforms from 02.02.2022

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“Deforestation from the world domination. Criminalisation, or just infestation?”

Blue Skies – Séa Byrne, 2022

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