New Single: Home – Hibernia Mix

Home – Hibernia Mix is my 6th song and was released at noon on 03 December 2021. It was released as a double AA side with its tropical sister track Home – Caribe Mix.

The song is about “feeling at home” in the modern sense of the word – where people are moving around the globe, missing their homes of origin, and building new homes in other places. It also explores home as a state of emotion that transcends geography, as in the expression “Home is where the heart is.” I have found this kind of home in the love that my other half and I share together no matter where we live.

All these meanings of Home are explored and come together in my song, which I originally wrote the verse and chorus for over 10 years ago. I guess it took a long for the song to come home – lol 🙂

The *Hibernia Mix* is bouncy, dynamic and perfect for a party! It was produced by the effervescent Charles Connolly, in London, UK who has executed a delicious urban vibe to toast up the holidays. I must thank him for dressing me in a snazzier jacket – I’m sure you will agree it’s a good fit.

Home – Hibernia Mix was originally soft launched on this website on the 10 November 2021. I hope you enjoy the song. Thanks for your continued support!

Home, Hibernia Mix – Séa Byrne
Home, Hibernia Mix © Séa Byrne 2021

Available on Music Platforms

Home – Hibernia Mix can be downloaded or streamed from the usual platforms.

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